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Our first Sustainable Supper Club

Join us at our railway arch - come - dining room on Friday 20th March for a 4 course feast and learn how we turn food surplus into a banquet.


At Elysia, we use surplus ingredients from local artisan producers to make delicious food completely zero waste, and we want to invite you to our HQ to offer you a unique dining experience. Around a talk with Cindy Zurias, head baker at Little Bread Pedlar, an artisanal olive tasting and food waste workshop, sit back at our communal table and delve into a sequence of carefully curated courses, based on locally-sourced surplus produce.​

Between each delicious course we will teach you how to keep your food fresher for longer, share recipes to reduce food waste at home, the importance of using artisanal produce and how to choose your ingredients so that you get the best possible quality for your money.

Open-face sandwiches with fresh herbs dip, sun-kissed vegetables, pickles and extra virgin olive oil.

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