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Join us 8th of May - The Big Green Lock-In

Join us for the first online Eco-Festival and Virtual Market!

Mel, founder of Zero Waste Goods, is organising a digital eco-festival and virtual market next week on the 7 - 9th May called the Big Green Lock-In.

Join Rose and Sophie on Friday the 8th of May from 6pm for a Zero Waste Cooking Class with a fermented vegetables and pesto demo.

Book your ticket: Workshop Ticket

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This workshop offers both the talk and an interactive demonstration on How to make Pesto & Fermented Vegetables using leftover vegetables at home.


  • Food Waste Presentation

  • Interactive Food Demonstration

  • Food Waste Quiz

  • Digital Booklet with Food waste Reduction Tips & Recipes

  • Local Suppliers Guide & Discounts

What's needed?

You will need any leftover vegetables, salad and fresh herbs at home as well as salt, pepper, garlic, nuts and any spices you like. In terms of equipment, you will need a couple of bowls, chopping board, knives, food processor/scissors/mortar and jars.

Shop your ingredients:

Book your ticket: Workshop Ticket


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