Our collaboration with Social Pantry!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

On the left Sophie, founder of Elysia - On the right, Alex, founder of Social Pantry

We are really happy to announce our collaboration with the catering company, Social Pantry.

We are now working together with Alex and her team to prepare beautiful dishes and gift boxes for your events.

On the picture - Left: Sophie Andre, founder of Elysia ; Right: Alex Head, founder of Social Pantry.

For some time now, Sophie's plan has been to move to Canada and explore the wilderness... Her visa arrived in the post during the pandemic and she decided to take the leap. From September 2020, Sophie who founded Elysia, is working from in Vancouver and actually moving into...goat farming and cheese-making!

We were looking for the right partner to work with and run the operations in London. Social Pantry appeared to be the perfect fit - friendly team, reliable and flexible with delicious and aesthetically pleasing food!

From breakfasts to canapes and lunch boxes or even bespoke wedding menus, our combined operations and experiences are now allowing us to expand our offering.

"The combination of Elysia's environmental purpose paired with the experience of Social Pantry and their commitment towards employing people from disadvantaged background appears to us as the perfect collaboration."

Discover Social Pantry & Elysia sample menus and learn more about our partnership:

Social Pantry x Elysia - Our Collaborati
Download • 4.54MB

Do not hesitate to contact Sophie if you have any questions, we remain 100% operational.

Looking forward to keep working with you!

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Thank you very much for your continued support.

As a bonus... our new team members in Canada!