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Wine Pairings with our Partners One-to-Wine

One To Wine is one of our oldest partners! A merchant and wine tasting company founded in 2016, based in London, it has French roots and is focused on sustainable wines.

The company researches and selects independent winemakers, both in France and Italy, that can guarantee the highest value of the wines, in order to provide the finest quality and tastes to their consumers.

Sharing with their community is very important for them as they consider that a good wine needs to be shared to be fully enjoyed! That’s why One To Wine offers several types of events in order to satisfy each of us: Tasting sessions, Customised events (catering service) and Food & wine pairings.

Delivery, Eshop and Starter Packs

Since the beginning of the lockdown due to Covid-19, One To Wine’s team started thinking about a solution to continue sharing wines with their customers, while encouraging them to stay home and healthy. The solution they came up with was obviously Home Deliveries : wine delivered straight to your door!

On the “Shop” area of their website, you can discover their wines, all available for delivery (no fee added), but also special blended cases such as “Quarantine Starter Pack” (two whites, two reds, one sparkling, one rosé) and “White Lovers Starter Pack” (dry, semi-dry and sweet white wines). These Starter Packs allow you to taste selected wines at a discounted price and each include:

  • Free delivery

  • Free private online tasting with Maxime the sommelier

  • Recipe ideas that are perfectly paired with the wines, available on their social media and blog


Vegetarian Pizza, paired with L'oeil from Domaine Gayrard

This delicious pizza from Elysia is vegetarian, so there is no need for the tannins of a red to balance the saltiness of red meat or cured meat. It however still is a pizza, which means olive oil (heavy taste) and dough (heavy chew). So we were in need of a white wine, with a bouquet strong enough not to be covered by the full flavours of the slice, but with enough youth and acidity to wash the palate from an heavy chew and a bit of fat from the cheese.

So we decided to go with the Loin de L'Oeil from domaine Gayrard. Not only is this wine very unique since this rare local grape variety is usually only used in blended wines, Gayrard had to develop a very unique technique to concentrate the acidity to make it a single

varietal wine. But also because this wine has the three levels of pairing with Elysia's delicious pizza:

- Structure: The Loin de L'Oeil is a white on its youth and conserve a very nice acidity that will balance the chew from the crust and wash the palate from cheese and oil. This wine can be served very cold.

- Taste: The acidity and slight bitterness of the wine will balance perfectly the saltiness of the slice.

- Aromatic: We are on a single variety wine full of fruity/flowery aromas (a bit of jammed/chutneyed prunes and apples), but most of all this white wine has been oak aged, which brings the wine some tertiary aromas of vanilla, dry wood and a bit of smokyness. Those aromas being a perfect match to blend and complete the vegetables and olives aromas of the pizza, even though the oak aging was really delicate since made in demi-muis, very large wooden barrels that only tints the wine with oaky aromas, but let also the varietals.

Buy them both now and try it yourself!

Vegetarian Pizza, paired with L'oeil from Domaine Gayrard

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