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Interview: Natasha from Urban Cordial made from Surplus British Fruits!

We recently had the chance to sample the cordials of Natasha who runs Urban Cordials. Not only they are delicious and super tasty but they are also made locally and from surplus British fruits!

Discover the story behind the bottles and soon we will be releasing our list of cocktails for events using Urban Cordials...

What is Urban Cordial?

Urban Cordial produces all-natural low sugar cordials from British surplus fruit. To date we have saved over 40 tonnes! As well as making the cordials and selling them to bars/ restaurants and shops, we also have a pop up bar and get hired for event to create bespoke cocktails using our cordials as the base ingredient.

How are the cordials produced?

The fruit in the cordials goes from farm to bottle within 24 hours. Once the fruit arrives it gets cold pressed. from there the fresh juice gets filtered where the beet sugar and herb/ spice is then added. It sits for a certain amount of time to infuse before being bottled. Simple really!

Why did you decide to work with surplus fruits? 

We decided to work with surplus fruit for a couple of reasons. First is that a third of food is wasted globally and agriculture is the biggest contributor to climate change. To throw away fruit you then are having a disregard for the environment around you. If there was ever a time to act it is now, and so is the main reason we use this fruit. By using surplus fruit you are not only valuing the resources that went into growing it, but also the work of the farmers, who are under increasing pressure to grow more for less, even if the end customer ends up not purchasing the product.

How did you start the company?

I started the company foraging for ingredients in my allotment. I was bored of working in the city at the time.

One thing led to another and I decided city life wasn't for me so quit!

Your favourite cocktail and recipes?

So many to choose from. One of my favourites is our Bloody Peary. It's like a Bloody Mary but pear is the base! All you need is 50ml vodka, 30ml pear & ginger urban cordial, pear juice, celery bitters, celery salt, black pepper. Pour cordial and vodka over ice and top up with pear juice. Add a pinch of the salt and pepper and a dash of the bitters. Stir well and serve.

Where can we buy your cordials?

You can buy online from our website and at independent retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges and Eat17.

Thank you Natasha!


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