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Reduce your Food Waste

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We have some really exciting news!

Food Waste is a big problem in the UK and the world, with over 1/3 of food produced going to waste!

We at Elysia are trying to tackle food waste by using surplus ingredients. Last Year we decided to go even further and have curated 3 Workshops and Cooking Classes on how you are home can Reduce your food waste!

We even had the opportunity to talk about food waste at schools! We spent half a day with children aged 3 - 7 discussing food waste, and offering tips on how to get their parents to reduce their food waste at home!

If you are planning any company away days, our Workshop packages would be a great addition! Click here for more information, alternatively send an email to

In the mean time here are some tips and tricks on what to do with your leftover Milk & Bread:

MILK Daily waste in British households: 5.8 million glasses of milk Our top tips: Firstly remember to trust your senses (smell it!) and don't always rely solely on milk 'use by' labels.

Milk freezes well, so if you're heading away, freeze the remainder in your ice tray and add cubes to your next brew. Or of course blend it with some leftover fruit for a delicious smoothie.


Daily wast in British households: 24 millions slices

Our Top tips: In stead of leaving all the bread our to go stale and mould, slice it up (if it isn't already) and pop it in the freezer. Every-time you want a slice of toast, just get it out from the freezer and pop it in the toaster!

RECIPE USING MILK AND STALE BREAD: French Toast Recipe to use surplus milk:

Thick slices of stale sourdough bread, soaked in a mixture of 1 beaten egg with ½ cup of milk.

Heat up a frying pan and pop the Toast in there until it crisps up!

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