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Tips on Reducing Food Waste at Christmas!

But what if I told you Christmas is also the time of year when food waste is at its highest!

According to Unilever over 4.2 Million Christmas Dinners where wasted in 2017!

Learn how to reduce your food waste with these simple tips...

1. Make A List and Stick to it!

We all want to make sure our Family is well feed over Christmas, and we do this by buying way too much food! Instead of buying extra of everything this Christmas just plan how much food you need for the amount of people who are coming. But make sure to Stick to it, and don't get drawn into those Christmas Saver Deals!

2. Buy Good Quality food and less of it!

Christmas is an expensive time of year and getting the most out of your purchase is essential. However a lot of people decide to buy and purchase cheap items but more often then not will buy extra because its so cheap. Instead of getting sucked into the flashing lights of a deal, why not shop local. Source good Quality food and buy less of it, as to be honest will you really eat all those roasted veg?

3. Become creative with your leftovers!

Rather than binning your leftovers, with a little bit of creative thinking you can turn those leftovers into another scrumptious meal! This is a great way to save money and of course cut down food waste!

If your planning on eating Turkey this Christmas, why not make some left over Turkey Sandwiches or make a broth for soup!

4. Freeze!

Why not freeze your leftover and use them another time! Did you know that of 42 Million Mince pies go to waste every year, instead of chucking them in the bin, why not pop them in the freezer and use them again next year.

5.Share More, Waste Less!

If you are unable to freeze or re-use your leftover food, why not share it. "OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away."

So instead of chucking it in the bin, take a photo of it and upload it onto OLIO, its quick and easy.

As a final resort, if you have a garden, why not use it as compost, especially any vegetables skins you might have lying around!

If you want to know more about how to reduce food waste in general, We are now offering food Workshops, Check out our other blog to find out more...

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