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Roasted vegetables recipe!

Do you have leftover vegetables at home? Roasted Veg is a delicious recipe for slightly perfect & bruised vegetables.


Take any veggies

Wash all your vegetables

Shave or peel off parts of their skin which are too damaged, rough or hard - you can keep the rest of the skin on

Chop into small rough cubes, combine with spices, salt and EV olive oil into an oven dish.

Roast at 160C for about 30 minutes. Stir around a couple of times until the vegetables are cooked through and golden brown. Take out of the oven to eat directly or leave to cool down before refrigerating. They could also be preserved in olive oil if roasted/dehydrated longer in the oven. If you can eat them all, freeze them!

Picture: Roasted Romanesco with our homemade pesto from sun-kissed tomatoes & parsley.

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