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Quantum Waste - Our local sustainable recycling facility.

Two weeks ago we were fortunate to go and visit our partners Quantum Waste, and were shown around by Eva who gave us some very interesting insights into the world of Waste!

Founded 7 years ago by Havier, Quantum Waste is a sustainable and environmental enterprise that has a people-focused ethos ran and managed by people, not machinery. With a team of 8, they offer their customers a dual collection system, 'food waste' and 'everything else'. Local collections mean lower emissions, with lighter vehicles and fewer miles they are also helping to fight against climate change.

Hidden in an arch in South Bermondsey, Eva explained to us that the two most valuable and recyclable plastics bottles are PET and HDPE, which once delivered from the customer, are sorted by hand and placed into a bailing machine to be squashed into what they call a 'bail'. Once the 'bail' is created it is sold to companies in the UK to be washed and made into pellets for recycling.

A 'bail' made up of PET and HDPE Bottles ready for collection

A 'bail' made up of PET and HDPE Bottles ready for collection

We were surprised to find that there was no composting facility but were then told by Eva that all food waste is delivered to their other site in Bromley. They work with East London waste company to transform food waste into biogas. Compostable items (plates, cutlery etc.) are composted directly by Quantum. Quantum waste use a mobile sustainable, decentralised, aerobic composting system called a Qube. The Qube is a leap forward in organic waste processing, transforming food waste into organic fertiliser thanks to the worms ecosystem. The process takes approximately 5 Weeks for food to become compost with around 1 week for it to mature.

Did you know that when food waste is composting, it reaches temperatures off a minimum of 70 Degrees? Wow, that is Hot! Because, if you mixing food waste and recyclable material causes contamination, which means all the recyclable material will have to be inseminated! So, if you want to reduce your waste at home make sure to clean your recyclable products before putting them in the bin.

So if you are looking for a local, sustainable waste collection service, contact Quantum Waste!

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