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Our Supplier Nibs etc. - Brownies from surplus beetroot pulp!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Last week we had the pleasure to visit Nibs Etc.’s kitchen in East London.

We met with Chloë the founder of Nibs Etc. and one of our top notch suppliers. She handmakes delicious dark chocolate brownies from surplus beetroot pulp among other beautiful foods. Chloë selects surplus fruits and vegetables pulp that would otherwise be wasted from juicers in London and use it to prepare a range of products such as granola, bread and our favourite brownies.

Picture: Brownies made with organic ingredients and surplus beetroot pulp

We work with Chloë and offer her moreish sweet bites in our breakfast, lunch and canapes menus for the events we cater for in London.

Elysia provides catering for events using natural and local ingredients from surplus. As a catering company with a strong sustainability focus, we believe in collaborations and partnering with other businesses fighting food waste is essential for us. Altogether, we can offer very high-quality sustainable products, help reduce food waste and develop a very interesting ecosystem of food startups with the same ethos.

Our video of our visit at Chloë’s kitchen is available below:

More information about Chloë from Nibs etc.


Chloë Stewart:

Find her and her team at Borough market - Three Crown Square, Borough Market, Bedale St, London SE1 1TL

More information on how we work at Elysia on

Sophie Andre:

Gustave Bouffard:

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