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Damsons - the underrated British fruit

Organic Damsons - Riverford

This week we had the chance to meet with Rosemary.

Rosemary has Damsons trees in her garden and collect everyday towards the end of the summer the beautiful plum-like fruits. We bought 10 kilos of this traditional British fruit for making compote during our "Food Waste Cooking Workshop"!

Damsons have a distinctive, astringent taste, and are widely used for culinary purposes, particularly in fruit preserves or jam. Rosemary explains "They are the size of a walnut with yellow-green flesh"

Damson Compote Recipe by Elysia

1 kilo of Damson

1/2 lemon


Slow cook the damsons, you can keep the stole inside for extra flavours and add the juice of half a lemon & a pinch of nutmeg. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes and serve hot or cold with yoghurt or biscuits.

Recipe idea from Rosemary: Piercing ripe damson fruits with a pin, add gin and sugar then leave to mature for heavenly damson gin! (More information in the Garden magazine).

More information about Damsons on

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