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ZEN - Helping reducing pollution in London streets!

Did you know that there is an Air Quality Fund that aims to help boroughs becoming cleaner?

In collaboration with the Greater London Authority, Zero Emission Network (ZEN) is helping businesses in becoming more sustainable to limit air pollution in London streets. ZEN works with businesses across the City Fringe (Shoreditch/Clerkenwell/Spitalfields). It demonstrates that air quality is an issue that can be best addressed through working together.

Last week, we had the chance to receive support from ZEN to get our cargo bike! Thanks to this imitative, we can deliver canapes for events all around London for up to 100 guests.

As part of this collaboration, we met the ZEN team as well as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, n a few weeks ago. The Mayor was able to see concrete actions and results of the funds that has been set up for this matter.

Others businesses such as Mile End Community Project, Gripvan and Secret Smokehouse were also there with their cargo bikes and electric vans.

Thank you ZEN for having us!

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