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#TheProducer - Husk&Honey Granola

Let's talk granola, it's not your average cereal now is it - this one definitely isn't! We partner with Husk & Honey granola to bring this deliciousness straight to you.

"Freshness is our secret ingredient. We know its what makes our granola taste amazing without the need for preservatives or added sugar " - Hedie, founder

Baked just a few arches down from us at Spa Terminus - Bermondsey, it's just far enough away that sadly we can't smell the warming scents of the oats toasting in the oven - however fortunately it still means it's a regular breakfast for us!

With flavour options including:

  • Oat and Nut

  • Quinoa and Buckwheat

  • Spiced Mulberry

Husk & Honey's granola features on our breakfast menu, served with yoghurt and grape molasses - we think it's the perfect way to start your day. What is more pleasant that eating something delicious whilst reducing food waste?

For more information about Husk&Honey head over to their website.

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