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Re-use or Recycle, it's simple

Whether at home, or work, it's becoming easier and easier to recycle and reuse.

We've got some simple things we can do to lessen our individual impacts and to live in a more sustainable way:

1. Tote bags! compact and lightweight you really have no excuse not to have one on you at all times and to avoid the 5p plastic bags in shops.

2. Reusable coffee cups - there's styles to suit everyone, from thermos ones to bamboo.

If 2 million people chose to re-use just once a week, we would stop 104,000,000 single-use cups going to landfill each year


Photo from @ecoffeecup

3. Re-usable containers, whether it's for your salad from your favourite deli for lunch, or buying meat from the local butchers. It's becoming more common for people to take their own containers as a replacement for plastic packaging.

One last simple thing we can do...

4. Saying no to plastic cutlery, sporks are the way to go! They are very portable and easy to wash and reuse.

Single use plastic is not only draining on our resources to create, but in creating it we are destroying rapidly the environment around us - the oceans are suffering due to our plastic culture.

2012 saw over 400,000 tonnes more plastic collected and recycled than in 2002.


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