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G&T anyone? A tasting at Jensen's

The popularity of Gin has grown astronomically over the past couple of years. With Gin bars and distilleries popping up left right and centre around London. Consequently, deciding where to go for a G&T or buy a bottle or gin has become overwhelming!

Sophie and I had the delight this week to visit a distillery tucked in the Bermondsey railway arches, called Jensen Distillery.

Jensen focuses on the simplicity and traditions of producing gin, so don’t expect any wacky ingredients, just some fantastic gin. They focus on the botanicals and the blends these create, and I’d say they have hit the nail on the head.

The Bermondsey Dry Gin was the first gin Jensen produced. It’s their recreation of the classic, old-fashioned London Dry style gin. With a smooth and round note, it is perfect for a dry martini, or alternatively Jensen recommends combining it with some Fentimens’ Rose lemonade and of course, some lemon wheels and ice.

The Old Tom Gin is a recipe that Christian, the founder, found from a distiller’s handbook from the 1840s. What makes Old Tom gin different from that or a London dry is that generally sugar is added to it to make it a bit sweeter. Jensen however, don’t add sugar to theirs, instead they use liquorice. This makes it a true Old Tom gin, which is unsweetened and earthy enabling deep flavours to fill your palate while drinking it. It’s excellent with tonic, so all those G&T lovers this one's for you.

If you interested, Jensen holds weekly tours on Wednesday and Thursday, where you receive a G&T on arrival and a tour of the distillery. If that doesn’t work, just pop round on the weekend when the Maltby Street Market is on for some tastings and long drinks.

From our visit, Elysia have purchased some of their gin, with the aim of using it in our recipes in the coming New Year! We are so excited to be working with such a fantastic distillery.

For more information, visit Jensen's website.

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