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Christmas recipes!

It’s that time of year again, where the Christmas decorations are back out of the boxes and the preparation is beginning for that full hearty Christmas meal.

We all love eating and this time of year is no exception! As a result, we generally cook till we drop and over prepare the amount of food we think we are going to eat. This leads to about 4 million Christmas meals at the end of the festivities being wasted! (Source: Tom Hunt)

At Elysia we love repurposing food into delicious dishes. So if you’ve had enough of eating turkey sandwiches the days after Christmas, how about you take a few merry tips from us.

Christmas leftover Pie

Christmas leftovers are great to make a delicious pie with. Cut the turkey or ham, or even both into small chunks, and add all those leftover veggies with it too. Mix into a lovely sauce, which you could even add your gravy too if you have any hanging around. Then toss it all into a casserole dish and top either with shortcrust pastry or that leftover mash potato you have lying about. Throw it into the oven and enjoy!

Leftover Roast Vegetables Frittata

Brussel sprouts and potatoes are the most thrown out vegetables during Christmas! So instead of throwing them out chuck them together to make a delicious frittata.

Ingredients 1 good glug of light olive oil 1 large onion, 500g of leftover Brussel sprouts and roasted potatoes, chopped into small pieces (can add other leftover vegetables too)

Salt and black pepper 3 eggs


Heat the frying pan over medium heat with olive oil.

Saute the onions until caramelised and then add the leftover vegetables

Season well and distribute the vegetables evenly over the pan

Whisk the eggs together and then pour over the pan

Turn the heat down, and cook until the eggs are almost set, so they are a little soft

Take off the heat and bon appetit!

More information on the recipe and other brilliant ideas head to Tom Hunt’s website and Twitter.

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