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#TheProducer - Christina from EasyBean

For the aperitif, we have some delicious broken crispbreads, perfect to dip in the ChicP hummus. They come from Somerset handmade by Christina and her team! To learn more about the product, we asked a few questions to Christina...

1. Could you explain us how your crispbreads are made?

To make our Chickpea Crispbread we first make a dough from chickpea flour, rice flour and Somerset butter & buttermilk. This is rolled out as you would for pastry. We hand apply our seed toppings and then hand cut into the required size. They are then slow baked in our oven.

​Compared to industrial crispbread, our artisan crispbreads are not totally uniform! The cut and the dispersal of the seed topping may vary, but to reassure they are sold by weight so no short measures.

We are a small team of three bakers and a further two to three packers. We typically make around 700 packs of crispbread a day.

2. Why did you choose to use chickpea flour?

Chickpea flour is a lovely golden colour, used in Asian cuisine e.g to make onion bhajis. It is a nutritious ingredient, high in fibre and protein. We experimented with various flours made from pulses but we particularly liked the flavour of chickpea flour.

3 What is the shelf life of crispbread?

We recommend that they are stored in an airtight container and away from direct sunlight. The shelf life is approximately 5 months.

4. We buy your delicious crispbread that are broken. Could you tell us where does it come from?

Around the edges of each sheet of crispbread that we bake we have strips of dough. Elysia approached us at the Natural Food Show to enquire if we have off-cuts from our baking that would be wasted. We were pleased to work with them on this project. We select the best looking trimmed strips, then pack and seal them by hand.

8. Could you tell us more about you? How did you started Easy Bean?

​I have always worked with food, initially in agriculture and working on projects in South America and Africa. Then in the UK in small scale food production.

The idea behind our Easy Bean brand is to promote natural and healthy food based on pulses. I remember being frustrated back in the late 90’s when functional food was the industry response to healthy eating e.g. low fat products; and the confusing and endless new diets. In our opinion, sensible healthy eating is choosing a natural, wholesome diet. Pulses (beans, peas and lentils) are high in protein, virtually fat free and with more fibre than many wholegrains. Our aim is to create delicious new ways to enjoy them. Viva la bean!


9. Do you have a favourite spread to go with the crispbread?

I adore Guacamole. I used to live in a house in South America surrounded by an orchard of avocado trees – fond memories.

Thank you Christina!

For more information about EasyBean, visit their website: and follow them on Twitter @Easy_Bean and Facebook.


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