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#TheProducer - Jill from Just Live a Little

At Elysia, we work with passionate producers! Last week, we discussed with Jill who founded with her husband Just Live a Little - a super-tasty granola, handmade with love - in Derry Farm in Northern Ireland.

1/ Could you tell us how your granola is baked?

The granola is made by hand, it is a very simple process of mixing the ingredients which are then baked in the oven and then cooled before being sealed into the portion pot.

2/ What makes your granola so delicious Jill?

It is the quality of the ingredients and the care taken in each individual bake. For example we are the only people we know of who use whole almonds and we also use local Armagh apple sauce which is mixed through the granola and gives it a lovely unique taste and texture.

3/ Do you have a special recipe you could share with us to eat your the granola?

Granola can be used for lots of different recipes if you follow just live a little on Instagram I share some of our Saturday morning ideas. Here is one that was recently on the blog:

This recipe works best with Just Live a Little Oatyberry granola.


· 100g Strawberries

· 100g raspberries

· 100g blueberries

· 1 large tub of Greek yogurt

· 85gmilk

· 85g honey

· 170g Just Live a Little Oatyberry granola


In a medium size pan on a medium heat combine and cook the strawberries and raspberries until simmering. Cook for 10-12 mins stirring often. Once the mixture is thickening take it off the heat and cool to room temperature. Repeat with the blueberries.

Combine the mix with the yogurt, milk and honey it should be a thick mix but not pourable.

To assemble

Pour a tablespoon of yogurt into each mould and a tablespoon of Just Live a Little oatyberry granola and a tablespoon of jam. continue layering until the moulds are filled. Tap the mould against the counter to release any air bubbles. Insert the ice lolly stick and freeze for at least 6 hours,

5/ #FoodFact Granola & Porridge - Could you tell us their main difference?

Porridge uses a different type of Oats, granola uses larger oats also granola is a baked product.

6/ We buy some of the granola surplus you sometimes have. Could you tell us a bit more about this surplus? (where does it come from? Why is it not possible to sell it to your retailers you usually work with)?

The surplus is very dependent on the time of the year and what we have on production runs. We handmake each batch and we pack into 400g and 1kg and 50g pots. There is no difference in the oats it is just the end of run doesn’t fit into the 400g we would be binning the granola.

You can visit Jill and David at the Derry Farm, 3 Ballyrusley Road, Portaferry, Northern Ireland, BT22 1JR

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