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We work with skilled local producers. We source high-quality local products from surplus made with natural ingredients. 

We aim to always provide nutritious, seasonal, British food, working with suppliers who share our values and principles throughout the supply chain and change our menus to celebrate the variety and very best of British produce.

We are committed to producing as little waste as possible across our business; inclusive of edible food waste, food waste scraps, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic and metal waste.

As part of our sustainability commitment, we want to be as transparent as possible on the products we source. Please find below a list of the suppliers we work with. 


What is an artisan?

An artisan is a food specialist using traditional methods to cook and often using locally sourced ingredients. While there is no official definition, artisan food is produced in limited quantity, handmade and requiring a specific knowledge. 

Originally, artisan was a term applied to people that create something of value for the community, who through dedication reach the expressive form of art in their craft. 

We are very happy to work with passionate people and cook with their delicious ingredients. 




​We are committed to only purchasing 100 % Real Bread and baked goods, made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives.

Artisan bread is made with three ingredients: Flour, water and salt. Then some nuts or dried fruits can be added but that's all!​

One might expect the loaf to be a bit irregular and a bit different looking from the one that shared a spot in the wood-fired stone oven. Its taste and texture would be superior to manufactured bread. 

We partner with bakeries in London such as Little Bread Pedlar, Olivier's bakery, Bread Ahead, Belle Epoque and Pophams.

24 millions slices of bread are wasted each day in the UK. The good thing with loaves is that they are delicious after a full night of rest. Ths is why we buy them at the end of the day when the great local bakers have surplus. 



Our chickpea Butterstraws are the edges and off-cuts of the beautiful crispbreads of Christina, the founder of Easybean. After a few months working with us, Christina decided to sell and promote the previously discarded off-cuts to their current customers instead of throwing them away. Reducing food waste a crispbread at a time!


The crispbreads are a UK first! Handmade at the newly installed bakery in Somerset and made using nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from local farms. 

They are carefully seasoned and generously topped with toasted seeds for extra crunch.

Those delicious Chickpea & butter straws are delicate and can be cracked in smaller pieces to dip into the famous ChicP Hummus. We buy them already broken to make it even easier ;-)

Cheese & Yoghurt

Cheese & Cream - Dairy

We are committed to ensuring that 100% of the livestock produce (meat and dairy) is high welfare. The milk, yoghurt and cream we source is organic. 

We work with the finest British cheesemongers. Each cheese is made by hand with excellent quality ingredients and expertise. After making a cheese, it is usually wrapped in cloth to protect the rind and help keep its shape. A cloth rind will allow the cheese to breathe.

While the young cheese is moved to the store to mature, sometimes the wheel ends up with small imperfections or holes due to the tasting during the maturing process. We buy this tasty cheese made with great care from local producers.

From June 2018, we are also partnering with  The French Comte! The company based in London sources their beautiful cheeses and cured meat from the Franche-Comté region near the Swiss border in French Jura Mountains. We buy their delicious cheese off-cuts, full of flavours!



Every year millions of tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables are discarded, as part of a culture of excessive waste. 

As lovers of good food, Rubies in the Rubble responded with delicious, handmade chutneys and jam, made as much as possible from surplus fruits and vegetables, fresh from farms and markets before they become obsolete.

Red Onion and Chilli; London Piccadilli; Spicy Tomato...


Chocolate spread

Homemade Dark chocolate & Hazelnut spread made with smooth, soulful real chocolate and nutritious whole hazelnuts.


Have a dollop - it is all natural and delicious!

We buy the delicious chocolate off-cuts (broken or slightly damaged) of Nomnom, Divine Chocolate, Lucocoa.

Fruits & Vegetables

Marmalade, bread

We select organic or natural produce (no chemicals use). Recognising the importance of orchards to biodiversity we will stock orchard fruit when in season such as apples, plums and pears and make chutneys and preserves with any excess produce where possible.


We buy the little less than perfect fruits and vegetables of the great farmer Ted's veg in Lincolnshire (products also available at the Borough market) to prepare homemade juices, smoothies, marmalade, compotes and antipastis.

The flavours always come as a surprise as it varies according to the produces surplus.


Husk & Honey granola is hand-baked in the heart of London with 100% natural ingredients. Their delicious recipes are developed by top nutritionists and chefs to ensure that each spoonful delivers fantastic nutrition and taste.

Husk & Honey granola is free from refined sugars. Hedie and Verity, the talented artisans, use organic wildflower honey and coconut oil for the toasting.

Granola may occasionally have broken bits or be slightly overproduced for bespoke orders - but the high quality of the ingredients remains unchanged. We carefully select those delicious little less than perfect granola bites to start the day.



Marmalade, bread
Marmalade, bread

The delicious hummus of ChicP is made primarily from surplus raw vegetables with herbs or spices to give additional health benefits. 

Hannah, the great cook behind the colourful pots, wants to change the way we approach cooking and waste and this is for our greatest pleasure.

Beetroot, Sage & Horseradish; Herby; Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric


Fresh Pasta

Marmalade, bread
Marmalade, bread

Simple and delicious handmade pasta by La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta was created in London in 2006 by Francesco and Caroline Boggian. It started as a small family-run business with the ambition to create delicious fresh Pasta that restaurant chefs would be proud to serve as if it was their own creation! Definitely worth a visit at the Borough market for a tasty lunch and their team is lovely!

Meat & Fish

We are committed to ensuring that 100% of the livestock produce (meat and dairy) is high welfare. All the meat we buy comes from grass-fed animal only. We specifically select the pieces that are considered as less noble but definitely a tasty and tender such as lamb neck, shoulder and shank or the pork cheek, neck and chump. The fish is sustainably sourced, to protect precious marine environments and fish stocks and good fishing livelihoods. We work with Shellseekers,as well as The Butchery.


shellseekers 2.jpg
the butchery.jpg

Olives & Olive oil

Marmalade, bread

Like Eylisa, Oliveology only works with independent, artisan farmers who produce truly high quality items using traditional and sustainable techniques. Sourcing their products in Greece, they help preserving traditional methods and support independent Greek producers.

We buy the delicious organic Kalamata olives surplus made with a zest of orange to make a paste ready to be spread on sourdough bread. For breakfast, we also have their fabulous grape molasses!

More information about olives and olive oil production on our blog post.

Dried fruits

Tea & Coffee

Marmalade, bread

They source fresh harvests from across the world, and have beans that have just been roasted in small batches of 20 kilos to ensure the freshest fullest flavour in your coffee.They roast the beans in small batches of just 10kg every week.

Even with high-quality ingredients and artisanal care, some batches may not achieve their standards. We select this delicious but slightly different coffee which does not appear on the Notes shelves but still a great coffee compared to many other brands. All tasty and rescued!

Roast profile: Rich and chocolatey

Beans origin: El Salvador, Ethopia, Kenya

We are very proud to partner with Notes Coffee Roasters, the quality roastery based in East London. 

Marmalade, bread

zigzag teas one-of-a-kind tastes come from using a combination of single-estate loose leaf tea and natural ingredients blended locally by-hand.  The founder, Lucy sources the teas and natural ingredients fairly and directly from growers. 

She also makes sure waste is kept to a minimum and introduced a refill system where you can buy our teas by the gram if you bring an empty tea caddy to one of her market stalls.

A few words from Lucy:

We believe in a more sustainable tea industry from bush to cup, taking care to source from independent growers across the globe who believe in employee welfare as well as quality of the finished product.  Our pyramid tea bags do not contain any nylon but are made from a bi-product of corn starch and are fully biodegradable.  We use specialist machines to form and fill our pyramid tea bags, which are cut and sealed using an ultrasonic wave (sound energy) which means they do not require any plastic or heat sealing which could affect the ingredients and ultimately the flavour of the tea.

Water and Smoothie
Tea & Coffee

Other beverages

Marmalade, bread

Toast Ale is made to a special recipe that includes fresh, surplus bread that would otherwise be wasted. It has a malty taste similar to amber ales and wheat beers. All profits go to the charity Feedback to support the fight against food waste, making Toast the best thing since… well, you know ;)

Buy online

Marmalade, bread
Anchor 14

James started Longflint in 2015 to provide bottled cocktails that are natural and made with the finest UK spirits, removing everything industrial that we can find in most cocktails.


More information about the cocktails on our blog post.

black cow vodka.jpg

Black Cow is the world's first pure milk vodka, made entirely from the milk of the grass grazed cows at Barber's farm, Seaborough Manor, which Jason took over from his father in 2000. The milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds are used to make the cheese; the whey is fermented into a beer using special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol. No waste! The milk beer is then distilled, specially blended, triple filtered and finished. The vodka is then hand bottled. Every batch makes around 3,000 bottles. 

We prepare delicious cocktails - have a slip!

Our cocktail brochure

black cow vodka founder.jpg
hawkes cider.jpg

We recently partnered with Hawkes, the first urban cidery in London! A wide range of Grade B apples and donated apples are used to make a beautiful medium dry cider. And most importantly it tastes fantastic! Certainly one of the best British ciders we have had. Cheers! 🍻

More about our relationship with our local suppliers

All the products we have, we buy them directly from the producers at a fair price . Our goal is to value the product, the work of the men or women behind the scene and to provide a unique culinary experience to our customers.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you!

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