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With the aim to support our local community, suppliers and combat the financial impact of the current situation, we are putting together a selection of food essentials to pick-up or to be delivered by our team on our cargo bike from the week of the 23rd of March 2020.  

Discover a range of artisan food products from organic eggs, to sourdough bread, dairy products, handmade pasta & fresh sauce, wines from independent producers and beers from local breweries.

List of items available - Download 
To order and pay:

We encourage everyone to follow the best practices and guidelines of the government (see here).

Tips and Tricks on how to reduce food waste are now available on our blog. Learn an easy trick that will prolong the shelf life of your herbs and salad and discover our recipes! 

Note: Due to high demand, we ask for a week notice before delivery. Thanks!

Food essentials

Make your own box now, you can click the link to download the full menu
or click Make your own box and start ordering. 
If you are looking for something specific? Email us now
Minimum order £30.00
List of items available - Download
To order and pay:
  • 1 bar of Dark Chocolate Bar by Lucocoa 

  • 450g Granola by Husk & Honey (Oat & Nuts)

  • 500g Organic Cow Milk Yoghurt - NYD Creamery

  • 1 jar of Honey with Ginger & Turmeric from the London Honey Company

  • 1 jar Fruit Compote/jam handmade by Elysia 

  • 1 kilo of Sourdough Bread from Little Bread Pedlar

  • 250g Organic Farmhouse Butter

  • 12 Organic eggs from Old House

  • 1 litre of Semi-Skimmed Organic Milk

£49.65 for all the above items
Enough for 10 breakfasts
  • 250g Wonky Veg ChicP Hummus pot 

  • 150g of Organic Kalamata Plain Olives from Oliveology

  • 250 grams Charcuterie - Moons Green Wild Mushroom & Truffle Salami

  • 1 jar of pickle/fermented Vegetables (depending on availability)

  • 1 x Loaf of Sourdough bread from Little Bread Pedlar

  • 12 Organic eggs from Old House

  • 250g Organic British Ricotta / Goat Curd

£39.95 for all the above items
Enough for 8 meals
Not sure what to cook with your Veg? Check out our Recipes here
  • 1 box of Surplus Fruits and Vegetables (depending on availability)

  • 6 portions of Fresh Handmade Pasta or Gnocchi by Elysia

  • 300g Homemade Pasta Sauce by Elysia made with Fresh Herbs/Seasonal Vegetables

  • 500g Territorial Cheeses 

  • Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive oil 350ml by Oliveology

£78.20 for all the above items

Enough for 12 meals

Want some inspiration on what to have for dinner. Check out our Recipes here

  • 1 kilo of Fresh Ground Coffee Notes Roastery 

  • 1 box of zigzag tea bags (Coconut chai, English breakfast, Moroccan Mint x 20)

  • 1 large bottle of Cold-Pressed Flawsome Drinks from Wonky Fruits


  • Toast Ale beers x12 cans


  • Château Pech-Celeyran - Ombline - 2018 (White WIne)
  • Bidoli - Cabernet - 2016 (Red Wine)
£8.00 delivery
Main delivery in Shoreditch, London Bridge, Bermondsey, Peckham - Deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Delivery anywhere in London for a extra small fee (vary depending on location - contact us for more information)
Note: Due to high demand, we ask for a week notice before delivery. 
To order and pay:
Based in Hackney - Discover the home delivery of Popham's bakery with a delicious range of pastries, pastas and ready meals!
Order on:
Notes: If there are items you do not want or are looking for specifically - please do get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate. We are also happy to stop by the supermarket and get anything you might need urgently for people in self-isolation.
The ingredients stock of our suppliers might also vary. To stay close to our ethos, the team at Elysia will pick-up first any surplus or products closed to their use by date to reduce waste in the supply chain.
Our team will only take online payment and deliver with gloves and masks.
Contact Sophie or Rose: & 
Recipes and Tips on how to reduce food waste at home! Find out more
Sourdough bread.jpg

We have set up an online payment system with Paypal. You can also get in touch directly with ​us and pay through invoice. This project is very much in development - any suggestions or feedback, please let us know. Please contact Sophie at

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