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Zero-Waste Cooking Workshops & Talks


We have recently launched a series of live online cooking classes and videos! Looking to learn new recipes, to make use of anything left in your fridge and freezer? We are here to help! If you would like to organise one for your members or with your team, please get in touch with us to organise your live classes: 

In the meantime, visit our blog with a few recipes and tips to reduce waste at home - BLOG

A preview of our classes, the Root to Stem Cauliflower Soup!


When everything goes back to normal...

Join us for a zero-waste workshop, we create bespoke Talks, interactive Workshops and cookery classes for individuals and companies. We also organise demos and talks about food waste in schools. Get in touch with us to organise your class at

Our previous classes...


Resident chef Linda taught us how to make a delicious pesto and roasted vegetables made entirely from surplus ingredients. For dessert, we cooked compote from leftover fruits with French Toast made from sourdough stale bread & Leftover British organic Milk.  

Greek specialist, Marianna, who is the founder of Oliveology, delivered an educational tasting on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, where we learnt about the end-to-end production of Olive Oil & Olives including the health benefits associated with organic well-made products. We then attend a special kitchen demonstration, on how to preserve vegetables by pickling and fermenting them organised by Ben.

We do it with kids too! Get in touch with the school details - we are very happy to come visit your school and organise workshops with kids between 4 to 7 years old.




"Wonderful workshop! 

Super informative and fun, I learned a lot today. Our dishes were all so delicious too!

Thank you!" Kelly 


"It's really made me more conscious about my relationship with food and ways I can reduce my waste. Delicious food too! Thanks." Ellie and Ian


"This was the best London event I have been to in my 8 years here! Thank you so much." Ishami 

Do you want to learn more about reducing your food waste at home? We create bespoke cookery classes to fit your needs, to find out more contact us on

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