A Festive evening

At Elysia, a Christmas party is a moment that never disappoints! We are designing our finest seasonal offerings from British premium producers for your colleagues, clients and partners. For the drinks, this year we created eclectic cocktails with the finest spirits.


For a delicious Christmas canapés party, and jazz it up with Mulled wine and beautiful cocktails, our team is ready to work with you on every detail of your event. It’s a matter of imagination and creativity for a fabulous evening!


A winter menu with a twist!

Cheese Mousse with seasonal pickle rolled in a selection of:

  • Honey Oats, Toasted Nuts and Dried Fruit paper

  • Mulled Fruit Leather

Seeded Pulp Crackers with black pepper topped with:

  • Sauerkraut / Fermented Winter Vegetables /       Winter Greens Kimchi​

  • Winter Greens, knobbly Celeriac and bruised Apple Remoulade

  • Crusty Welsh Rarebit and Leek Fondu

Savoury Spelt Muffins:

  • Mulled Stout, Chestnut and Cured Meat

  • Spiced Butternut, Dill and Beetroot

Toasted Pain d'Epices served with:

  • Chicken Liver Paté and Sauerkraut 

  • Confit Chicken/ Duck/ Pork Rillettes and Pickled Vegetables

£8.00-£11.00 Per Head


Festive drinks


The little Merry Christmas

Wine selection:
• A Chardonnay/Viognier/Muscat from Laguedoc 2015
• A Pinot Gris/Sauvignon from Loire Valley 2015
• A Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux 2013
• A Shiraz/Grenache/Carignan from Languedoc 2013
• A Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley 2015

For a perfect food & wine pairing, we work with Maxime, the wine specialist and founder of One to Wine.

Espresso Martini,  Stairs, Vodka Collins, Elderflower Cooler....

Discover our selection of cocktails in our brochure.

*Price based on 6 drinks per person. £1.00 per person will be charged for wine and cocktail glasses including washing and cleaning. 

£20.00 per head*


Blind tasting!

We want to make your party very special. We are designing blind tasting games and will make sure everyone have fun and enjoy very fine food and wine all along the evening!

Description: A series of blind tasting questions about a specific  wine and cocktails, all incorrect answers will lead to an elimination and the winner will be awarded a fabulous bottle of wine! Are you ready?

£3.50 per head

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