We hand make breakfasts & canapés
with local artisan rescued food and 
deliver to events in London!
We are a London based catering company with a focus on sustainability. We offer unique and beautiful menus made with seasonal artisan surplus produces. More about us...

MetaSpeech breakfast


Local artisan food 

for Breakfast!

There is one breakfast for everyone's taste! 

It will keep you full until a late lunch..

We make breakfast with fresh sourdough bread, artisan croissant, organic granola, fruit compotes, handmade smoothies, coffee beans...and deliver to your door for events or a treat with colleagues and friends. 

Secrets of Green canapes


It is time for Canapes & Drinks!

An aperitif is a moment for drinks & food that readies your appetite before dinner.

A selection of savoury homemade dips with crispbreads, British cheese with chutneys, roasted vegetables, spelt muffins with British cured meats, fermented vegetables on crostini, quiches, poached fruits and sweets bites will suit any occasion!

autumn menu.PNG

A vibrant and sustainable caterer

We are creating beautiful, unique and thoughtful menus with a focus on sustainable living. Whether it is the launch of a product or an wedding in the heart of London, our team of operation managers, passionate head-chef and enthusiast waiting staff are behind every event. 


How it works

We hand-pick high-quality ingredients from local artisans - all delicious and rescued!

You choose your breakfast & canapes menu or request a bespoke menu.

We create your menu and cycle straight to your event from 40 guests in London

Have a nice time!

As a customer you can pick from a selection of breakfasts or canapes for your events from 40 guests. No request is too much trouble and if it isn’t on our list we will do everything we can to source it. All of our deliveries are done either on foot, on our trusty bike or by electric taxi.

We work with passionate artisans - handpicked because they use only the highest quality ingredients to create outstanding products.  All the food provided is natural, handmade and rescued. Our rescued products are not close to expiry date or from supermarket leftovers. The food we select is "naturally imperfect". Even with high-quality ingredients and artisanal care, some products may not have an exactly perfect appearance such as knobbly carrots, territorial cheeses with imperfections due to the maturing process, leaky salted-caramel chocolate bars or beautiful granola surplus.

Our catering model is based on the circular economy principles - for more information on what we do, please visit our results page or contact us.


People say

The bread is so delicious, and the team loves it! It is so lovely to get daily deliveries by this fantastic venture.

— Kate W., Employee experience


Elysia won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2018 and has been shortlisted for the Sustainable City Awards 2018, category Managing Resources. Thank you for your support!
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